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Age of Zalmoxis: A third-person MMORPG with Blockchain and NFT integration in a fantasy version of the Dacian Kingdom grounded in history where threats from other realms converge.
Creating a Character
There are two ways to access the game (3 in the future). Obtain an Origin Soul or Summoned Soul from the Marketplace or free by sharing profits realized in-game with the NFT owner through a smart contract on Blockchain.
Game Territory
Be a Tarabostes and own a slice of the game. In Age of Zalmoxis, there are 5 region types (biomes): Continental, Steepe (or Steppe), Panonic, Pontic, and Alpine.
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Trailers & Medias
New Game Engine
Unreal Engine 5 is the latest evolution of Unreal Engine which comes is handy just in time with some ``unreal`` features like Nanite, Lumen, Virtual Shadow Maps and World Partition just to name a few.

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