How it works

First of all: be aware of scams! We will never contact you or DM with offers.
The process described below is the only one that we are using. The following details are provided to assist our newest members with all the information needed to purchase land chests in a secure manner.

Step 1. Planning.
Decide your amount of investment. See the thresholds below:
Role: @AoZ | Sand = perks of this role: 10% discount on AoZ chests purchase. (eligible range 240-1999$ – this does NOT include the Koson part)
Role: @AoZ | Wood = perks of this role: 15% discount on AoZ chests purchase. (eligible range 2k-4999$ – this does NOT include the Koson part)
Role: @AoZ | Rock = perks of this role: 20% discount on AoZ chests purchase. (eligible range 5k-9999$ – this does NOT include the Koson part)
Role: @AoZ | Steel = perks of this role: 25% discount on AoZ chests purchase. (eligible range 10k-49,999$ – this does NOT include the Koson part)
Role: @AoZ | Diamond = perks of this role: more than 25% discount on AoZ chests purchase. (eligible range 50k+ – this does NOT include the Koson part)
Role: @AoZ | OG = perks of this role: 30% discount on AoZ chests purchase. (this 1:1 with official AoZ OGs)

Step 2. Contact team
The only way of contacting the team and initiate the purchase is to open a request/ticket via our Discord server : . We will never contact you or DM with offers. Using the secure channel we will exchange sensitive information and we will agree on timeline for transfers.

Step 3. Transaction of assets
a. According with the buyer role and amount of investment the team member will generate a price quotation.
b. Both parties must agree on price and the process will start
c. The future land owner will transfer the EGLD/Koson to one of the team members.
d. The team member will buy the land chest(s) for you.
e. The team member will transfer the land chest(s) to you.

Step 4. Long term commitment
If this is your first acquisition then the @AoZ | Dacorum role will be assigned to you (this will make you eligible to test the game right away [MVP version] and in-game guild member when the game will be released). The team member will upgrade your existing role, if its the case, based on thresholds described above – (we will keep track on everything and make sure that everyone will benefit of the right discount percentage). This role/discount system is cumulative and perpetuum. For example: If you buy some chests in August using 1500$ and you are @AoZ | Sand (10%) and then you buy more in September using 500$, then you are @AoZ | Wood and you will get automatically 15% starting with that purchase. And so on and so forth.

Step 5. Trust and future
We are aware that the entire process is based on trust and reputation, few aspects:
– The guild funders are well known in AoZ community and public space
– We are officially partners of the AoZ team (

Other mentions
Role: @AoZ | Scout = perks of this role: Loyal guild members refer other people (referral marketing) who they believe will enjoy our particular guild service. They will benefit of 5% commission from the sales. Since the entire universe will gravitate around community and friends, why not to make some extra income. Find a person that wants to buy and you will get 5% from his acquisition when is done. We will make sure to check for referral each time.
OK, how about Discount – Where does it come from? Thanks to our partnership with Age Of Zalmoxis, we managed to get a discount for all land purchases. We share that discount with members.
Enjoy the community and welcome in the most GameFi friendly guild! | Team=

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